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Open Season: June 22| Closing Day: September 1

Group requests will be considered for September weekends based on weather conditions.


Our Services

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*Starting at $15

There is no better way to enjoy the water than on a Pinawa Channel tube float! We have top-quality Pinawa tube rentals designed specifically for our location. Our service and expertise will ensure you have a positively memorable experience!

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*Starting at $30

Need a more activity and adventure? Try a Pinawa canoe rental or kayak. We supply the safety equipment, quality boats, map and local expertise. We go well beyond just renting equipment. We’re on-site to get you on and off the water safely!

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Starting at $30

Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! Up the channel or down? That is the question. Perhaps both! Paddle your stress away with floating yoga, an upper-body, core workout, then relax with a horizontal float down the Pinawa Channel!


Why choose Pinawa Channel Float and Paddle?


We travel and respect the water in our area.

(we know where to point you to keep you safe)


We are locally owned and operated.

(you’re supporting a local, rural, family-run business)


We have top-quality equipment.

(we only use gear designed to be tough, stable and reliable)


We care about our environment and the local ecosystem.

(we are the only company floating in Pinawa that actively monitors, maintains and reduces our impact)


We give back to the community and environment.

(we partner with local businesses and commit resources to charity events and environmental stewardship)


We care deeply.

(about your experience, what we do and the future of outdoor recreation)

What’s our Story?


It’s all very simple…we are here to help you get out there!

We want to share our local environment and love of outdoor activity with you, your friends, and your families. Our goal is to provide access and promote fun, affordable activities for our Pinawa guests.

We are on the wilderness edge to get you started with a little exposure that we hope will ignite a passion for even more outdoor activity!


Contact Us

Call or text direct to Timo: 204.751.0405 or email below.

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Our Location

Google Maps Coordinates: 50.1593,-95.8684

At the very end of Highway 211 to Pinawa, MB, Canada